Helen Wilsdon– BA(Hons). CQSW. PTLLS. Delivering Specialist Training for Safeguarding Adults

Official figures show there were 109,145 adults subject to an enquiry in 2016-17, compared with 102,970 the previous year. The majority, 60%, were female and 63% were aged 65 and over.

The findings were published in NHS Digital’s annual safeguarding adults report, which is based on data collected from local authorities with responsibility for adults’ social services.

A safeguarding concern is where a local authority is notified about a risk of abuse. Some of these concerns will lead to a section 42 enquiry, where the adult meets criteria under the Care Act 2014, or an ‘other enquiry’, where the adult does not meet the criteria.

Concerns and enquiries

In 2016-17, there were 364,605 safeguarding concerns raised, which equates to almost 1,000 per day nationally, the report found.

Councils in the South East of England saw the highest number of concerns and enquiries, with 53,990 safeguarding concerns raised, and 24,615 enquiries carried out.

In comparison, concerns were lowest in the North East of England, with 29,890 raised. However, this area had the highest number of concerns actioned by social work teams, with 64% converting into either a section 42 or other safeguarding enquiry.

Source Community Care November 17, 2017 in Adults

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